Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reusable Bags Can Become Breeding Ground For Bacteria, Yeast and Mold

Courtesy of The Environment and Plastics Industry Council (EPIC)


A study conducted by three independent testing laboratories has concluded that reusable shopping bags can pose a significant health risk by acting as a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and yeast. The study was commissioned last fall by a consumer coalition to gain a better understanding of how people use reusable packaging and to address any concerns for public health and safety. It builds on consumers’ growing interest in using reusable containers for food packaging (e.g. bringing containers from home into the store).

The plastics industry strongly supports reduction and reuse and recognizes the use of reusables as a good environmental practice. But, it does not want to see these initiatives inadvertently compromise public health and safety. The industry believes that results attained in the study warrant the need for further independent research and investigation.

The study began with pilot test done in November 2008 on two plastic reusable containers and one 12 month-old reusable shopping bag. Results showed considerable bacteria build up on both the reusable bag and on one of the two reusable containers. Mold and yeast were also present, and there was a significant level of coliform. In fact, the bag test results showed an elevated bacterial count of 1,800 colony-forming units (CFU) – more than three times the level of 500 CFU considered safe per millilitre of drinking water. The coliform (faecal bacteria) count of 10 exceeded the recommended drinking water level of 0. The mold count of 290 was higher than the normal mold count of 150 or fewer per cubic metre of room air in the Canadian fall and winter months.

The results of the first pilot study determined that further testing on a larger sample of reusable packaging was merited. This second phase took place in March and April of 2009 and involved 25 reusable bags and four control bags (three popular reusables and one single-use bag). All of the “used” reusable bags used for the study were attained from ordinary shoppers as they left grocery stores.

The larger study found that 64 per cent of the “used” reusable shopping bags (16 of the 25 bags) showed the presence of some level of bacterial contamination. Close to 30 per cent of the bags had elevated bacterial counts higher than the 500 CFU/mL standard for drinking water. Additionally, yeast was found in five of the bags and mold was found in six. An unacceptable total coliform count was found in three of the bags: total coliform counts were 300, 100 and 10. The bags had been in use for one, two and three years. On the other hand, both the single-use shopping bag and the first-use reusable bag (the control bags) showed no evidence of bacteria, mold, yeast or total coliforms.

The results from the larger sample of reusable shopping bags clearly show that the bags have the potential to become a public health hazard. These study results indicate that the use of reusable bags warrants further consideration. At the very least, what needs to be developed are appropriate protocols on the use, care and storage of these bags.

The study results can be downloaded in their entirety by clicking here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free House Cleaning In Kansas City or Johnson County

OK. Now that I have your attention, I thought I would remind you of our great offer to receive a free cleaning.

Here's the deal: You refer a friend, neighbor, colleague to us that becomes a new weekly or bi-weekly client and you get a free cleaning (up to 3 man hours). It's that simple!

Why do we offer such a generious referral bonus? Because referrals are GOLD! Aquiring a new client through traditional marketing efforts such as direct mail, yellow pages, internet advertising, etc. is expensive. Believe it or not, giving away a free cleaning is less expensive. Growing through referrals lets us keep costs down and provide you with a better value. It's a win win for everyone!

If you know someone looking for professional house cleaning or someone not happy with their current service, please send them our way.

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Partners In Grime Kansas City - House Cleaning Feedback - 816.444.6060

Seeking a professional residential cleaning service in the KC Metro area? Here's what one of our happy clients had to say:
"These ladies did a great job. Can they come next time?"

Great job ladies! Keep up the good work!

Call us at 816-444-6060 or email us for an estimate.

8031 Ward Parkway Plaza
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Partners In Grime Kansas City - Maid Service Feedback - 816.444.6060

Seeking a professional residential cleaning service in the KC Metro area? Here's what one of our happy clients had to say:

"These ladies are wonderful, work hard, fast & do a great job."

Great job to Jennifer and Cheryl. Keep up the good work!

Call us at 816-444-6060 or email us for an estimate.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will Cleaner Indoor Air Help Us Live Longer?

Cleaner, pollutant-free air adds almost 5 months to our lives. So say the results of an interesting study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study, headed by an epidemiologist at Brigham Young University (BYU), tracked the correlation between particulate pollution levels and life expectancy over 2 decades in 51 U.S. cities. Researchers say it’s the first to illustrate that reducing air pollution can translate into a longer lifespan.

During the course of the research, which spanned from 1978 to 2001, 51 metropolitan U.S. cities reduced their pollution levels by one-third, slashing the amount of small airborne particles from 21 micrograms per cubic meter to 14 micrograms per cubic meter. All the while, the life expectancy in these cities saw an average increase of 2.7 years, from 74.3 to 77 years of age. According to the findings, as much as 4.8 months of this increase can be attributed to cleaner air. Although environmental health experts point out that BYU’s report doesn’t exactly prove that cleaner air contributes to a longer life, many agree that it makes a strong scientific argument to continue reducing air pollution.

Residents and office-dwellers should note that reducing the amount of harmful airborne particles indoors is just as important as tackling them outdoors. After all, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the air inside our homes and buildings is roughly 10 times more polluted than the air outside. While we may not have a lot of control over the amount of pollution we encounter outdoors, we can definitely control how much is present in our indoor environments day after day.

Things like regular house cleaning, vacuuming with a CRI certified vacuum, cleaning your air ducts and reducing exposure to cleaning chemicals all will help improve your indoor air quality.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Residential Cleaning Customer Feedback for Shawnee Kansas

From Stephanie A. of Shawnee, KS:

"Thanks so much! Our house felt so clean!"

If you want your home to be so clean you can "feel" it, please call us today.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and Clean Better With A CRI Certified Vacuum

CRI, the Carpet and Rug Institute, uses science based research to certify carpet cleaning products, equipment and methods. Proper carpet cleaning is critical to extending the life of carpet, keeping it looking beautiful and maintaining a healthy indoor air environment within your home or facility.

Carpet cleaning products, methods and equipment improve all the time, but not all cleaning products clean equally well. The Seal of Approval testing program, overseen by independent labs, is designed to ease concerns about the perceived difficulty of cleaning carpets. This Seal helps homeowners, facility managers, janitorial staff and professional carpet cleaners identify superior cleaning products, including spot removers, pre-spray/in-tank solutions deep cleaning extractors/systems and vacuums.

CRI uses NASA-enhanced x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to measure the precise amount of soil removed from carpet by deep cleaning extractors and residential and commercial vacuums cleaners. Soil removal efficiency is rated on three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Manufactures receiving these ratings can also apply to use the seal of the Space Foundation, signifying use of space technology for earthly applications.

As a Seal of Approval green product, carpet cleaning solutions also ensure they are environmentally friendly by providing documentation from one of CRI's nationally recognized green product certifiers.

To earn the CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label certification, vacuums must pass the following independent laboratory tests:

Soil removal — CRI uses NASA-enhanced x-ray fluorescence technology instead of traditional gravimetrix testing to measure the precise amount of soil removed from carpet — either 30 oz/sy commercial cut pile carpet or 30 oz/sy loop pile carpet.

Dust containment — The vacuum must not release more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air, keeping dirt and dust locked tight in the vacuum — not escaping back into the air where it can be breathed.

Carpet fiber retention — The vacuum must not affect the texture of the commercial cut pile carpet (900 passes with sample rotated every 50 passes) more than a one-step change based on one year of normal vacuum use.

Partners In Grime uses only CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label Certified vacuums. This is their highest level of certification.

We use vacuums manufactured in the USA in St. James, MO by Tacony Corporation under the Riccar and Powr-Flite labels.


Partners In Grime services these cities: Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Lee's Summit, Mission Hills, Mission, Roeland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, Olathe, Merriam, Westwood.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Residential Cleaning Feedback for Kansas City

Some recent feedback:

"These ladies are wonderful" - S.M

"Excellent job" - B.M.

"I really appreciate the great job Jennifer & Cheryl did." - J.B.

Partners In Grime, a professional residential cleaning service, has been servicing homes in Kansas City since 1978.

Partners In Grime
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Residential Cleaning Feedback For Overland Park, KS

Some recent feedback:

"Thanks for a great job!" - S.H.

"They did a great job." - D.C.

Partners In Grime, a professional residential cleaning service, has been servicing homes in Johnson County Kansas and Jackson and Clay counties in Missouri since 1978.

Partners In Grime
8031 Ward Parkway Plaza
Kansas City, MO 64114

We currently service the following cities: Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Mission, Roeland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, Lee's Summit, Grandview, Prairie Village, Fairway, Westwood Hills, Countryside, and Merriam.

Monday, April 27, 2009

National Cleaning For A Reason Week

April 26-May 2 is National Cleaning For A Reason Week.

Get involved with the charity that cleans houses for women facing
cancer treatment. Maid Services all over the country donate their time
to give cancer patients piece of mind. We do the dirty work so women
with cancer can focus on getting well, but we need your donations to
carry out this important service.

Learn more or make a donation at http://www.cleaningforareason.org/

Partners In Grime is proud to be a founding member of the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Helpful Tips For Job Interviews

Here are some useful tips for job interviews.


Partners In Grime is always looking to add talent to our great staff. Call us at 816-444-6060 or email us for an initial interview.

If you have a great attitude and high character, please call us. Our motto... "We hire for attitude. Everything else can be taught."

Partners In Grime
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Kansas City and Johnson Counties Premier Residential Cleaning Service Since 1978

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Residential Cleaning Service Feedback for 66206 in Leawood Kansas

We received the following comment card this week:

From Rene in Leawood:

Great Job!! Fun attitude and very kind! Send Jennifer again!

Great job ladies!!!

Partners In Grime

Partners In Grime services homes in Kansas City, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas including Leawood, Mission Hills, Prairie Village, Fairway, Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa and Olathe.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rethinking That "5" Second Rule


We've all done it at least once. Eat a piece of food that has just fallen on the floor. You know, the "5 Second Rule." Doesn't look dirty... no hair or dust visable, so into the mouth. Well, you may just want to reconsider that practice. According to independent tests from the University of Arizona found the following number of bacteria particles on one-square-inch samples:

Toilet seat: 49
Kitchen counter: 1,686
Kitchen tile: 2,546
Bathroom floor: 18,025
Carpet: 200,000 plus

That's some food for thought!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lawsuit Targets Makers of Household Cleaners

A lawsuit was filed this week in New York state seeking to enforce a law on the books since 1976, but never enforced. The suit was filed by the nonprofit public interest law firm Earthjustice on behalf of: Women's Voices for the Earth, Environmental Advocates of New York, New York Public Interest Research Group, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club, and American Lung Association in New York. The group seeks to force chemical manufactures to disclose the chemical ingredients in their products and any health hazards they may pose.

See full article here.

According to New York law, companies are are required to file semi-annual reports with the state listing the chemicals contained in their products and describing any company research on these chemicals' health and environmental effects. But since the 1976 law was passed, companies have not filed a single report.

I support any effort to increase transparency when it comes to household and commercial cleaning products. As a residential cleaning service owner, it is important for me to know exactly what I am exposing my staff and my clients to.

As the article points out, ingredient disclosure requirements are virtually non-existent in the United States. While I understand the manufacturer's stance that they could be disclosing trade secrets that would put them at a competitive disadvantage, I think the public has a right to know if the products they or a professional are using are potentially harmful to themselves or the environment.

OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires that professional cleaning companies like Partners In Grime carry a MSDS (Material Safety Date Sheet) for every cleaning chemical we use. A MSDS is a disclosure form designed to provide both workers and emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with a particular substance. MSDS's include information such as physical data, toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill/leak procedures.

MSDS's are designed for employees, employers, and emergency personnel. MSDS's are not written for consumers. An MSDS reflects the hazards of working with the material in an occupational fashion. For example, an MSDS for a particular cleaner is not highly pertinent to someone who uses a bottle of it once a year, but is extremely important to someone who does this in a confined space 40 hours a week.

All of Partners In Grime's professional cleaning crews carry a MSDS with them at all times for every cleaning chemical we use. If any of our clients would like to see a particular MSDS, please ask the cleaning crew to show you. You can always call or email our office and we will be happy to fax or email them to you as well.

Partners In Grime

8031 Ward Parkway Plaza

Kansas City, MO 64114


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kansas City Residential Cleaning Company Feedback

We received the following feedback card this week:

From Laura in Kansas City regarding her cleaning on 1/19/2009

"Great job on 2 very dirty bathrooms!"

Great Job Julia and Maria!

Partners In Grime currently services homes in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Prairie Village, Fairway, Mission, Roeland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, Lee's Summit, Merriam.

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Johnson County Residential Cleaning Company Feedback

We received the following feedback card this week:

From Jennifer in Mission Hills, KS commented on her first cleaning with Partners In Grime.

"We had a great experience! Thank you"

Way to go Pam and Julia!

Partners In Grime currently services homes in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Prairie Village, Fairway, Mission, Roeland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, Lee's Summit, Merriam.

For a quote Click Here or call us at 816-444-6060.

Johnson County Maid Service

Partners In Grime has been cleaning homes since 1978 in Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Prairie Village, Lenexa, Shawnee, Mission, Roeland Park, Merriam, Fairway, Stanley, Spring Hill and Olathe.

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Click Here for our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Women with Asthma should not be cleaning their own homes!!! Read on:

SATURDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Housecleaning products may pose a threat to women with asthma, U.S. researchers say.
During a 12-week study, they compared cleaning-related health effects in women who did and did not have asthma and found a higher number of lower respiratory tract symptoms among the asthmatic women.
Dr. Jonathon A. Bernstein, of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and colleagues found that "women in both groups exhibited increased upper and lower respiratory tract symptoms in response to cleaning agents rated mild in toxicity, suggesting a subtle but potentially clinically relevant health effect of long-term, low-level chemical exposures."
The researchers recommended "that women with asthma should be routinely interviewed as to whether they clean their home and cautioned about the potential respiratory health effects of these activities."
The study was published in the January issue of Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.
Asthma affects about 20 million people in the United States. Death rates from the disease are higher among women than men. In many homes, women are the primary cleaners.
Authors of the study concluded that "longer, prospective studies of nonprofessional household cleaners are needed to determine whether there is an association between household cleaning agent exposure and the development of asthma."

It is our opinion that hiring a professional house cleaning service like Partners In Grime is the safest and healthiest way to maintain your home. Partners In Grime uses "Green" or low toxicity cleaning products for the health of you, our staff and our environment.

If you suffer from Asthma or are worried about developing Asthma, please give Partners In Grime a call at 816-444-6060 or email us at info@partnersingrime.com

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Alert For Husbands!!!!!

Husbands should note that 55 percent of married women say they would prefer to receive a whole-house cleaning in lieu of an expensive gift on Valentine’s Day, according to this recent "Mr. Clean Keeping It Fresh" survey. This comes as no surprise, as over half of both married men and married women say they have argued with their partner over a dirty, smelly bathroom, a disorganized kitchen, finding towels on the floor or having a messy countertop and other things.

It's not too late to get you wife, girlfriend or significant other a gift card for professional house cleaning. Give us a call at 816-444-6060 for pick up or delivery on Friday.

Friday, December 28, 2007

What are you waiting for?

I pulled this article from one of my favorite marketing guru's Seth Godin. Hope it inspires you or your company.

Here's a question that you should clip out and tape to your bathroom mirror. It might save you some angst 15 years from now. The question is, What did you do back when interest rates were at their lowest in 50 years, crime was close to zero, great employees were looking for good jobs, computers made product development and marketing easier than ever, and there was almost no competition for good news about great ideas?

Many people will have to answer that question by saying, "I spent my time waiting, whining, worrying, and wishing." Because that's what seems to be going around these days. Fortunately, though, not everyone will have to confess to having made such a bad choice.

While your company has been waiting for the economy to rebound, Reebok has launched Travel Trainers, a very cool-looking lightweight sneaker for travelers. They are selling out in Japan -- from vending machines in airports!

While Detroit's car companies have been whining about gas prices and bad publicity for SUVs (SUVs are among their most profitable products), Honda has been busy building cars that look like SUVs but get twice the gas mileage. The Honda Pilot was so popular, it had a waiting list.

While Africa's economic plight gets a fair amount of worry, a little startup called Kickstart is actually doing something about it. The new income that its products generate accounts for 0.5% of the entire GDP of Kenya. How? It manufactures a $75 device that looks a lot like a StairMaster. But it's not for exercise. Instead, Kickstart sells the machine to subsistence farmers, who use its stair-stepping feature to irrigate their land. People who buy it can move from subsistence farming to selling the additional produce that their land yields -- and triple their annual income in the first year of using the product.

While you've been wishing for the inspiration to start something great, thousands of entrepreneurs have used the prevailing sense of uncertainty to start truly remarkable companies. Lucrative Web businesses, successful tool catalogs, fast-growing PR firms -- all have started on a shoestring, and all have been profitable ahead of schedule. The Web is dead, right? Well, try telling that to Meetup.com, a new Web site that helps organize meetings anywhere and on any topic. It has 200,000 registered users -- and counting.

Maybe you already have a clipping on your mirror that asks you what you did during the 1990s. What's your biggest regret about that decade? Do you wish that you had started, joined, invested in, or built something? Are you left wishing that you'd at least had the courage to try? In hindsight, the 1990s were the good old days. Yet so many people missed out. Why? Because it's always possible to find a reason to stay put, to skip an opportunity, or to decline an offer. And yet, in retrospect, it's hard to remember why we said no and easy to wish that we had said yes.

The thing is, we still live in a world that's filled with opportunity. In fact, we have more than an opportunity -- we have an obligation. An obligation to spend our time doing great things. To find ideas that matter and to share them. To push ourselves and the people around us to demonstrate gratitude, insight, and inspiration. To take risks and to make the world better by being amazing.

Are these crazy times? You bet they are. But so were the days when we were doing duck-and-cover air-raid drills in school, or going through the scares of Three Mile Island and Love Canal. There will always be crazy times.

So stop thinking about how crazy the times are, and start thinking about what the crazy times demand. There has never been a worse time for business as usual. Business as usual is sure to fail, sure to disappoint, sure to numb our dreams. That's why there has never been a better time for the new. Your competitors are too afraid to spend money on new productivity tools. Your bankers have no idea where they can safely invest. Your potential employees are desperately looking for something exciting, something they feel passionate about, something they can genuinely engage in and engage with.

You get to make a choice. You can remake that choice every day, in fact. It's never too late to choose optimism, to choose action, to choose excellence. The best thing is that it only takes a moment -- just one second -- to decide.

Before you finish this paragraph, you have the power to change everything that's to come. And you can do that by asking yourself (and your colleagues) the one question that every organization and every individual needs to ask today: Why not be great?
At Partners In Grime we strive to be great! In the words of Jim Collins "good is the enemy of great." We are constently looking for new and better ways to create a healthy and clean home for our clients and a better work enviroment for our employees. If you have any suggestions for us to make our company better, please let us know. Email

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mothers Know Best

A newly released national survey of mothers found that keeping their homes clean was the best means of protecting their families from the germs that cause colds and flu. Likewise, there is a general recognition that toys can be a significant source of germs. The Alliance for Consumer Education's (ACE) nationwide Germ Study examined mothers' overall awareness of how germs that cause colds and flu are spread. It then assessed their views as to the most effective means of preventing and / or containing colds and flu.

For example, in the 2007 survey 32% of respondents felt that keeping their house clean was the most effective means of protecting against colds and flu. This was the Number One response.

"The ACE 2007 Germs survey clearly illustrates that mothers understand the threat of exposure to those germs that can cause colds and flu and are taking steps to minimize that threat and protect their families," said Joseph M. Healy, Chairman of the Board, Alliance for Consumer Education. "One of the simplest, most effective things that people can do to minimize the risks from germs is to frequently wash their hands and clean their homes and places of work on a regular basis. It is gratifying to see that the percentage of moms who recognize the importance of home cleaning continues to rise. At the same time, still more consumer education needs to be done to continue raising overall awareness of the importance of home cleaning."

For those few still cleaning their own homes, keep up the good work. For the rest of you who have discovered the advantages of a professionally cleaned home - congratulations! You are taking the necessary steps to maintain a healthy home for you and your family.

Christmas Trees Cause Increase in Asthma?

What's next - tell me there's no Santa?

A few years ago our family made the switch to an artificial Christmas tree. Mainly I was tired of finding pine needles in my carpet in June. Although I had become somewhat of a scruge. I no longer wanted the hassle of hunting through the tree lots for the perfect tree, hauling it back in our minivan (which of course had to be cleaned out afterwards) and the endless turning trying to find the best side once in our living room.

I felt reassured in my decision when I read an article this week linking live Christmas trees to an increase in asthma and sinus problems.

The study, which was presented at The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting in Dallas, examined the relationship between mold growth on live Christmas trees and poor indoor air quality.

This study grew out of a consistent and dramatic increase in asthma and sinus complaints among patients every winter, which is especially pronounced during the holiday season, notes study researcher John Santilli, MD."As mold growth is common in the area surrounding outdoor foliage, we hypothesized that the presence of a live Christmas tree may be contributing to indoor mold," he says.

Indoor Mold Levels Rise Twelve times during a two week period, researchers measured mold counts in a room containing a live Christmas tree, beginning when the tree was brought inside and decorated. The tree was located 10 feet from a heat vent, and the indoor temperature was maintained at between 65 and 68 degrees.

For the first three days, counts remained at 800 spores per cubic meter of air, then began escalating, rising to a maximum of 5,000 spores per cubic meter by day 14, when the tree was taken down.Mold allergy affects up to 15 percent of the population, according to Santilli, and people with sensitivity to certain molds commonly experience nasal, eye, and throat irritation; nasal stuffiness; and headache.

Additionally, there is a well-documented link between asthma attacks and molds, and the added risk of invasive fungal disease among people with compromised immune systems.Santilli says normal indoor air has a mold level of 500-700 spores per cubic meter; anything higher indicates a source of mold growth inside the building."

Ventilation systems and water-damaged areas have long been recognized as sources of mold, but we need to continue to search for new and unique sources of contamination," Santilli says.Avoiding Indoor Mold "Our study demonstrates that a live Christmas tree can be a significant source of mold spores. Therefore, we recommend families with allergies in general and mold allergies in particular not keep a live Christmas tree in their homes for more than a few days at most, and remove it sooner if there are signs of increased allergy symptoms," Santilli says.

Rebecca Gruchalla, MD, PhD, chief of allergy at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, says the relationship between live Christmas trees and a rise in indoor mold spores comes as no surprise, particularly since most Christmas trees are cut well in advance of the holidays and stored in a moist environment before being placed on a lot for sale. Then they're then taken home and placed in water too, she says. Gruchalla notes that artificial trees and ornaments collect dust in storage and, therefore, are another source of allergy irritation.

She suggests taking both live and artificial trees outside and shaking them out before bringing them inside to decorate.

Just when I had it all figured out, a colleage in San Diego provides the following information for your consideration.

Fake Trees are even worse...

Most fake trees, made from non renewable petroleum also eventually wind up in landfills and are clogging mother earth with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is being banned by many medical associations and considered poison to environmentalists. That's why you'll see a label on faux Christmas trees cautioning you to avoid inhaling or eating any bits of lead dust that may fall from the "branches." Fake trees cannot be recycled. When they are disposed of in a sanitary landfill, they will not disintegrate, but will remain there forever, taking up increasingly scarce landfill space. When a fake tree catches fire, it puts dangerous toxic fumes into the air. Fake trees are manufactured mainly outside of the United States and often by companies in china that do not observe high environmental standards.

I'm SOOO confused!

Be assured that whatever type of tree you have this season, Partners In Grime will be there for you before and after the holiday season to get you ready and clean you up afterwards.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

California man ticketed for cleaning beach

No good deed goes unpunished.

At least that's how Muir Beach resident Sigward Moser felt Friday after he says he was threatened with a Taser gun, forced to the ground and handcuffed by a National Park Service ranger for refusing to stop cleaning up the oily beach beneath his home.

Moser, a 45-year-old communications consultant, said he was forced to sprawl handcuffed on the wet sand for an hour before he was released and given two misdemeanor citations, one for entering an emergency area and another for refusing a lawful order.

Moser's Pacific Way home overlooks Muir Beach, where cleanup crews with 100 professionals in white and yellow protective coveralls were at work yesterday.

But there was no one cleaning up Friday when oily globs the size of bowling balls began washing up on shore from Wednesday's disastrous fuel oil spill.

Moser, a neighborhood liaison on the Muir Beach Disaster Council, went out on the oily beach with an impromptu crew of Buddhist monks in training at the nearby Green Gulch Zen Center.

He said they scooped up 7,000 pounds of solidified oil and put it in plastic bags before park service officials arrived in the afternoon to size up the situation.

Moser said he declined three orders to halt his activities before he was cited.

Park service officials held a conference call on Saturday about the incident with members of the Muir Beach Community Services District.

"They were upset, but we tried to reassure them why trained professionals are needed to do this work," said National Park Service publicist Rich Weideman, citing health hazards and unintended injuries to wildlife by untrained volunteers.

ATTENTION KANSAS CITY AREA RESIDENTS: Put down that sponge and step away from the toilet! You - over there - Stop vacuuming!

OK, so you may not be causing harm to wildlife or in danger of imprisonment, but why not hire the Professionals at Partners In Grime to clean and maintain your home.

The advantages of having your home professionally cleaned:

- More time to do the things you want to do.
- Your home is probably your largest single investment. Protect it by having it deep cleaned and then professionally maintained.
- No need to store potentially dangerous chemicals in your home anymore.
- We'll clean your home in a fraction of the time it would take you.
- Because we use environmentally safe cleaning products, you'll have a healthier home.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Common Toxins Found In Cleaning Products

With the holidays coming, you may be inspired to do some extra cleaning in preparation for the in-laws arrival. Before you reach under the sink you may want to understand the chemicals and products you might encounter. In case you were wondering what lurks in those everyday cleaning products found in the market today, here is a list of toxins you may or may not be aware of.

Ammonia (in many glass cleaners) Can cause headaches.

Formaldehyde (in many different products) Suspected human carcinogen and acts as a strong irritant to eyes, throat, and lungs.

Hydrochloric acid or sodium acid sulfate (in some toilet bowl cleaners) Can burn the skin and cause vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach burns if swallowed.

Nitrobenzene (in some furniture and floor polishes) Can cause vomiting, and death. This toxin is associated with cancer and birth defects.

Petroleum Distillates (in some metal polishes) Short-term exposure can lead to temporary eye clouding and longer exposure can damage the nervous system.

Phenol and cresol (in many disinfectants) Can cause dizziness.

Sodium Hypochlorite (in chlorine bleach) Fumes cause eye and lung irritation. Long term exposure harmful to lungs. If mixed with ammonia, this releases toxic chloramine gas, which may cause asthmatic symptoms, respiratory problems or even death.

butoxyethanol also known as ethylene glycol butyl ether (used as a solvent in carpet cleaners and specialty cleaners) It can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and may cause blood disorders, as well as liver and kidney damage.

Here's a solution to exposing yourself and your family to this potentially hazardous chemicals: Hire a professional cleaning service to maintain your home and throw those toxic cleaners in the trash. A service such as Partners In Grime will create a healthy home by using environmentally cleaning products and equipment.

Partners In Grime uses products from companies such as:

IPAX Cleanogel, Inc. ipax.com
Portionpac Sustainable Solutions portionpaccorp.com
Core Products coreproductsco.com
Siamons Intl. concrobium.com

Friday, November 2, 2007

Partners In Grime provides free cleaning for cancer patients

Partners In Grime is proud to be a charter member of the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation, the nation’s first non-profit organization dedicated to providing free house cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment.

We have always helped women simplify their lives. That is what we do. So being a part of the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation is a natural fit for our company. As a local business we are grateful for the success that we have attained through our many loyal customers. We are proud of the services we provide and proud to be able to help those in need. It is another way that we can reach out to our community.

We are committed to providing the gift of a clean home to women undergoing treatment for cancer through this foundation. When someone knows a woman who is in need of help during this difficult season of her life, please send her to the foundations website at http://www.cleaningforareason.org/ or call us at the office for more information regarding this amazing opportunity for help.

You can help, too. As is true with most nonprofit organizations, we need your support to help as many women in need as time will allow. Each cleaning company member pays a fee to help with the costs of administering this program as well as committing to a number of free cleanings each month. Unfortunately, our supply does not come close to the demand. Each client patient is guaranteed four free cleanings. You can make a huge difference in these women’s lives by helping us to clean more often for more women. You can do this by contributing a small amount each month to Cleaning For A Reason. These funds will be utilized to provide more free cleanings for the patient. The contribution is easy and painless. You choose the amount, from $1 to $1000 per month (or more if you would like) or a one-time donation.

The national Cleaning For A Reason Foundation makes it possible for us to do our part in the way we know best--cleaning homes every day, and making a difference. We hope that you will join us in making a difference in the lives of women receiving cancer treatment.

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